mail order sources for organic honey?

blueswan08(5)November 29, 2007

does anyone know of any mail order sources for organic honey, mainly organic orange blossom honey. thanks

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"organic honey" is almost inposable to find!and organic orange is out of the question, you can find honey produced by "organic" methods (no chemicals in the hive) but it wont bee organic honey!!

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honeyman is right. There was a recent discussion on this subject, and even if you use no chemicals in or around your hive, you'd have to be able to prove that none are used anywhere within the foraging range of your bees which might be a 3 mile radius from your hives. I think the actual requirements for certification is more like 5 miles. That's an awful lot to ask for.

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There was a thread on beesource and I went to the link about being organic as far as honey. It's absolutely amazing what you have to go through. Even the wood ind materials in the hive have to be natural and organic, although it did say you could use plastic foundation. You can't use plastic frames like pierco. You can only use plastic foundation as long as it's in a wooden frame and it must be coated with organic beeswax. The list goes on and on. You have to map out all of the surrounding land, any streams or other places the bees may use as a water source etc. HOLY COW!

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