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janartmuseAugust 13, 2014

Hi, I've been following a lot of these threads and in a recent one "Neon" you posted a series of photos, seemingly all at once. How did you do it? If I try to post a second photo, the first disappears.

Beautiful photos from everyone, by the way. I might just have to get "Neon" for myself! I got a nice raspberry colored one last year called "Brazza". Loved it.

Thanks, Janine

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Hi Janine.

When I want to just upload 1 picture to a thread I use the box "Image file to upload (optional:)" which takes the photo directly from my picture gallery on my computer.

If I want to upload more than one picture which is usually the case, I take them from my Picasa albums. You can use Picasa or Photobucket, most people actually use Photobucket and doing it that way allows you to take as many pictures as you wish and add them to a thread, one at a time.

Let us know which method of storing your pictures you use and if you use Picasa I can walk you through the process of posting several pictures. If you use Photobucket or some other method of storage then someone else should most likely be able to help youâºâºâºDonna

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

I use Photobucket to upload multiple photos to a message. You just go to the photo you your library. You'll see all sorts of links below the photo's thumbnail. Choose the HTML link and click, which should highlight that link (it starts with . Then I right click and chose COPY. Then come to the message box and right click and choose PASTE. You can put several in one post! at first you'll see the code, but when you preview you'll see the photos.

H. Gordie

My little garden pal

OMG...I have to laugh. This was my entire collection in 2007!

One of my fav photos:

and...of course, the girls!


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I love the frog! What a riot. Well, I don't do Photobucket, just upload from my own computer. I take it it's an online service. i'll see what I can find out. Thanks, Janine

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Photobucket is free. Just do a Google search and you can find it (I think it's the name .com). The problem with posting a message and them replying multiple times with 1 photo each is that your message will sink down the list, sometimes, without notice.

In Picassa and Photobucket you can create albums to share. Internet access isn't a problem if you're posting here! You can also add special effects to photos.


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