Low chill tulips?

tugbrethilSeptember 19, 2009

Has anyone had experience with growing some of the low-chill tulip species--such as T. clusiana or T. saxatilis--in the Valley of the Sun? My own experience was brief and bitter, and I want to know if it was me, the bulbs, or the species that was at fault.

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I tried and failed with T. clusiana ... but they were thriving at Boyce Thompson.


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Thanks! Unfortunately, the Boyce Thompson is cooler than Phoenix, both winter and summer. My bulbs weren't much more than pea sized, but I've heard that these tulips have natually small bulbs. They grew a few leaves, but no blooms, and they didn't survive the summer. On the other hand, I've also heard that they bloom best when crowded, and I think I gave them too much water in the summer. In other words, still more info needed. :]

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azcanner(AZ Zone 5 US Zone 9)

We gave up on tulips after watching them bloom when only 4 inches tall due to the heat and then die when summer set in. Tried them a couple of years. Replaced them with iris' which have been very nice.

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I'm in Tucson and a few years back I planted some ordinary tulip bulbs I got at some nursery. I had no idea what I was doing. They were planted in filtered sun-shade, on the south east side of the house under a big palm tree. They grew beautifully and came back year after year. I did nothing for them but water the tree. I thought this was normal. Every time I try to plant tulips in sun, even just morning sun, its a complete failure. No idea if the location was the trick - but I have noticed that everything grows in that spot, including English violets and pansies.

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