if supers full, how soon will bees swarm?

thisbud4u(San Diego)December 25, 2006

Hi all,

I just opened up one of my hives this afternoon to add another super on top of the hive, and while I was there I pried up a few of the frames from the super that's already there. I noticed that the frames were pretty much filled out to capacity all the way across the super. So, how soon after a hive's frames have been filled to the brim will the colony swarm? It's Christmas eve (and a Merry Christmas to all !), and the weather is getting nippy here in San Diego. Is it most likely that the hive would wait until spring to swarm? Or will they leave anytime that the available space has been used up? Thanks.

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I don't know alot about beekeeping on the west coast, since I am on the east coast. However, I am assuming you have 4 seasons, and the bees are just adding to their winter stores and you have not had a recent population explosion.

to check for swarming, look in your brood chamber and see if there are any new queen cells- they are usually built along the edges of the frame if they are swarm cells.

Here, our bees usually swarm after the spring build up which is May and June. Like I said, I don't know about CA... (Day length may be a factor too)

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