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ellix(augusta ga)December 14, 2006

I am wanting to provide homes for bees in my backyard. It is large and full of trees, many flowering shrubs, many flower beds and a pond. I started the beds with butterflies in mind. I was very pleased with the numbers and along with the butterflies came what seemed like thousands and thousands of bees. I worked beside them all summer and they never bothered me. Now, I couldn't tell the difference between a honybee and a bumble bee but started reading about them and found how important they are and how they need homes. My question is what can I do to help? I have read about a box you make with a block of wood and by placing holes in it to buying the big boxs and learning about honey bees. Can anyone give me ideas and experiences. Also, have read about their need for very early spring plants to provied food for them. I live in Ga, zone 8 and would like some suggestions about what they really love. I thank you for any advise.

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thisbud4u(San Diego)

Here's a start. I did a google search for "beekeeping georgia" and came up with the Georgia Beekeepers Assocation:
They'll be able to provide you with the very best advice.

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