Summer Blooms

dondelduxAugust 16, 2014


For those of you who might be interested in summer blooms I've had a few. All of these were outside for the summer and hadn't bloomed for a long time so when I noticed that they were sending up a stalk I then brought them inside to enjoy the flowers and after pollinating a few of them they are back outside in the sun to see if they will set seedpods! I check about once a week to see if there is anything that might want to bloom but it looks like this is it.

Limona which hadn't bloomed for the better part of 2 years..

and Misty that hadn't bloomed probably for longer than 2 years. I have two mature good slzed bulbs in one pot and only one sent up a stalk with only 2 flowers...

my Siren that hadn't bloomed for several yearsgave me 3 flowers also...

and Evergreen which didn't bloom last year either, gave me 6 flowers!!

It's always nice to have a few flowers for the summer isn't it!


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Lovely blooms Donna, thank you for sharing!

I haven't had one single hippie-flower this summer, hopefully they will blossom during winter then. They are all looking very good at the moment, but only time will tell if they've had a perfect summer care-wise.

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Very nice!

The only thing I've had bloom over summer is a Plumeria... my bulbs normally give me blooms in spring, some earlier and some later.

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anna_in_quebec(z4 QC)

Don't you love surprises?! Me too - I posted my reblooms this year - of over 100 bulbs, I had almost 10 or so rebloom. That may not seem like much, but I used to have a record of zero reblooms. But ever since I have been taking them out for their "summer holiday", it is much better :) I just cannot toss a perfectibility healthy bulb!

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Gorgeous! We had a mild winter and I noticed it threw my blooming time off. It seems as if the bulbs enjoy a few cold days - go figure! Any way the blooms were weird - really low - except for the always reliable lemon lime. Any way, this year I'm enjoying everyone's gorgeous pictures. Love this forum :)

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This summer, my seedling bloomed again. Bloomed for the first time in winter 2014. Simultaneously blooms vitttatum - he does not bloomed since the purchase. Soon blossom Showmaster.

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Your vittatum is the same color as mine with mine having a lovely raspberry throat. Unfortunately my pot with 3 bulb is just about all dead for some reason. I guess they needed a different culture than the rest of my bulbs. I will miss them and they only bloomed when I first got them about 3 years ago and never since.

I see other forms of vittatum for sale from time to time but they don't have the lovely deep color that mine had so I don't buy one because I'm not overly fond of the paler ones.

Your seedling is interesting and luckily blooms with 4 flowers!!


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My vittatum is struggling also. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong... and bit by bit tiring out of trying to figure it out.

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My guess is that maybe it might want to be planted directly in the ground? If I had it to do over again I think I would have planted them in the ground for the summer and lifted in the fall. Mine have been in pot for the last 2 + 1/2 years. I would assume Oleg's is pot planted too but I'm sure he'll tell us. Just a guess of course.

From time to time I do have bulbs that just won't grow for me and continue to struggle until they expire. I guess that's to be expected from time to time. My Tres Chic did that as well as Graffiti I did reorder a Tres Chic this year though...âºâºâº

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Donna, you're right - my vittatum planted in a pot. But this big pot. In the summer I did stand it in the garden on a sunny light. I think that this kind of hippeastrum has no explicit period of rest. That is all the time he keeps the leaves. I bought it flowering. One year he missed but blossomed under almost autumn. And given two big bulbs kids.
My seedling obtained from Johnsonii pollinated variety cybister. Therefore, its flowers are not large but they should be plenty. It just has a small bulb. I hope so.:)

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I wrote about the summer bloom and reported that should blossom Showmaster. It flourished and I want to show him the photo.
Add another photos vittatum. It has a pleasant aroma and has a ruffled petals.

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Greetings Oleg,

Your photos are fantastic!

Thank you,


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Thank you very much for your kind words Blanca
Well, not all the pictures of course but I try to work out. If some lucky - it is not my merit, is the will of God, I hope.

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Very Nice !

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Well, if it's nice, then add more recent photos. At this time in the sunlight :)

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I really enjoyed all the pictures posted in this thread!

Donna, is it normal/typical of Hippi bulbs to take a break from blooming for a year or two?

All three bulbs I bought last fall produced 2 scapes the first time they bloomed in the winter/spring, and rebloomed for me in July/August - again with 2 scapes per each bulb. I'm wondering if this hasn't emaciated them too much? I have been fertilizing on a regular basis, though.


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