Viridiglaucens as a feature bamboo?

phraDecember 3, 2006

Hello there. I wonder if anyone can offer me some advice?... I live in the Midlands, England, where the temperature very rarely goes below -4 in the winter and has been reaching 30 odd in the summer (winters are getting milder - at the moment it's 10c day, 10c night).

I recently bought a number of bamboos including 2 Farg. Mur. Jumbo's, a Nitida Eisenach and a Phyl. Viridiglaucens. I had never heard of the Viridi' before this and so it was a bit of a gamble. I wanted a tall bamboo that arched at the top which would meet people as they entered our driveway. When I returned from my excursion I decided I may have made the wrong choice and so promptly ordered a grand Phyl. Nigra Henonis, which seemed to be more appropriate for this position. Now I'm not sure what to do with my eager Viridi. I have plenty of room with a few prime open areas that would benefit from a tall impressive feature grove. Is the Viridi' up to it. I have my doubts, that's why I'm writing this. On the bamboo lexicon (can't understand a word but there are labrinths of marvellous photos - the Viridi looks fantastic in some of the pics - perfect for what I want, but these are in Germany and I'm not sure whether the climate is better. So that's the positive info. But in Michael Bell's (president of the UK bamboo Society) '...Temperate Bamboos' he says that in cool regions the Viridi' is 'unimpressive', though in warmer climes it's upright and tall. Would my location come under his 'cooler regions' and so produce an unimpressive Viridi' I wonder. By the way, the plant would get 75% sun.

Any thoughts? Anyone got a spectacular Viridi?

Thanks for your time.

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Isn't england better suited to mountian clumpers? Phyllostachys requires hot/humid summers to gain ground, thus more size.

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