melipona bees (stingless bees)

kevingolikeDecember 24, 2012

I am looking for anyone in the US that has melipona stingless bees that will sell me a swarm. I am a bee keeper since i was a kid and since the killer bee scare my town wont allow bee sure i could get a zone variance for stingless bees.
please call me if you have these bees ,leave message on machine. 760-247-6017 or email me

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Here's some info from wikipedia

Because these are tropical bees, I don't know if your region can support their survival. I suggest you locate a locate a university bee specialist to ask re their requirements and more.

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Here in Brazil it is quite easy to buy stingless bees colonies by mail, I am just preparing the boxes to buy two different species to install in the balcony of my new apartment. But it is not allowed to trade them outside their region of origin inside the country. If you find out a way to import them to the US, and if american laws allow such, maybe I can help you to purchase the colonies in Brazil.

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I too would be happy to Express mail you a small hive from Thailand if you find out about the laws and legal ways to have them sent. I was just in a Stingless bee keeping class and found out Japan Imports them from thailand and Japan is temperate, They are for greenhouse polination and they are allowed because they dont go out side and or survie in the climate, Thus they are for greenhouse, I think if you set up a spot in you house which is warm year round and allows them to stay and dont harvest the honey any time after the summer they would survive, I would try to find a variety that will tolerate cooler temp. I dont know about what temps mine survive to, our low is 65f but up north in Thailand the go down to the 50's or lower. So find oout more info about shipping them, I run an internet business and sell Rocks/Gem and natural crystals on Ebay Thus my name Thairockshop. I ama former US PCV and have been here ten years and have had stingless bees for 5 years, I just moved them to hives and have split the hives for the first time. Since i just learned about them last week in the workshop, I didnt want to hurt them before this and i just enjoyed them. They are great pets and you could move them out in theSummer and then winter into a greenhouse as long at the temp stays warm enough, They can lived closed up in the box for Many Many days my instructor said as long as they have honey and pollen to eat the can bee fine closed up for 2 weeks as long as they dont get too hot.. I would b willing to ship if you find out more info as i want to have them too.

Here is a link that might be useful: ThaiRockShop

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