Too warm for Mason Bees?

BatsAndBees(8)December 28, 2011

Its been getting pretty balmy in Seattle this week, currently 49f (9c), but yesterday we peaked at 55 (13c).

I've got about 50 little tubes full of larva wintering out in my shed. Should I put them in my refrigerator? I'm assuming the humidity situation in the frig is not ideal, but I'd sure hate it if they start to think its spring.

fyi, I'm still pretty new at cultivating Mason Bees, this is my second year. I am planning on taking the larva out of the paper tubes, but haven't gotten around to it yet.

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I understand your problem, I just bought 10 tubes of hornfaced bees but wasn't home when they were delivered. When I opened the package 3 days later 3 bees crawled out and another 18 dead bees fell out. Does anyone know if hornfaced males are like honeybee drones and die after mating? If so any females that hatch may die virgins

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