Startup beekeeping equipment to loan

fraservalleyguyDecember 12, 2010

Anyone think its a good idea to offer to lend out beekeeping equipment and experience to help someone get started in beekeeping? The only startup cost would be getting the package of bees or nucs.

Last I checked they are about $100 per package and

they do survive more than one year.

I would like to offer this in exchange for half of the harvest.

Fraser Valley east of Vancouver BC is my location.

have a nice day

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)


I'm not sure if anyone would go for this, you can always try.
You would be getting half of the harvest and not lifting one finger...not sure if anyone would go for it? Perhaps for one season but what's after?
Bees in your property?

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Chrisen General Enterprises is a startup beekeeping business and we have 150 hectarage of land potencially for beekeeping because it has trees that produce pollen and it`s near the river we are targeting to start with 1500 we are in ned of equipment such as beehives, protective clothes, processing machine on loan.

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