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yvonne23December 10, 2012

I live in Los Angeles and have european honey bee's in my garden wall for apx 20 years.The problem is that one of the hives has come out and has swarmed on the outside of the wall.They are not moving,about 30-50 of them on the top are moving a little, its also cold and dark now. I dont know how long they have been like this I noticed them 2 days ago.There are some dead bee's on the ground and some on top of the wall. I brought one inside and fed him and he recovered so it looks like they dont have a disease.It looks more like they are dying from not eating.Could the Queen underneath them be sick?I put some sugar water next to them and a piece of cardboard over half of them, it goes down to 50-40's at night.Could someone please advise me how I can help them.

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it sounds like they are is a natural process when they divide up and new queen is hatched to make a new hive,they may stay like that for awhile and one day a bunch will fly off to a tree branch or to a new hive. sometimes they do it to keep hive cooler not so many making heet,but its natural in the summer months as the queen ramps up egg production for lots of workers and sometimes just not enough room for all to fit.

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