Got bees?

boxcar_grower(5)December 26, 2009

After a few years of wanting to maintain a honey bee hive, this year I am committed to it. I have a local bee keeper that I have become friends with is going to build me a hive and install a bee package and teach me the basics of beekeeping.

The plan is to see how things go in 2010 and if all goes well to create a second hive in 2011 that I will maintain myself.

Silly to be excited over bees?

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montego(7b NC)

I've got the same plan as you do this year. You are lucky to have a friend who can help you - I've just got some books and the internet! Just got through putting together my hive this weekend and trying to reassure my wife who vows she will never go into the backyard again!

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I have 12 acres of land that borders an state forest. I too have the family scared stiff! My issue is I live in bear country so I will have to place a electric fence around the hive to protect it. SO I fear for my "bear" of a chocolate labrador! He is just too nosey for his own good sometimes!

I have numerous annual and perennial beds along with a very large vegetabe garden. I have about 200 strawberry plants and 24 raspberries. This year I want to start a small fruit orchard. I will start with a 4-6 apples and might try peaches. The bees should be happy here with my offering plus all the native flowering trees and shrubs.

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I remember when I got my first package of bee last year. I was really excited too. That great that you have a mentor to help you. I have one too They are so helpful when you have problems. Happy Beekeeping!-Alex

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