hope to hear comments on my new style of hive

beewhispererDecember 21, 2008

A Bee Friendly Company has a new hive coming out March 2009...have to wate for paten to finish. we take 500 of them to Africa in JULY of 2009. this will help stop CCD and make hobby beekeeping fun and easy....long live the new ENVRO GREEN HIVE BY BEE FRIENDLY....wish us luck. and Thanks Haggen Dazz for the support

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Hummmmm a hive to stop CCD verrrry intersting!!!

Do they have CCD in Africa??

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emmakitty(z5 IL)

CCD is everywhere!
That's really great to here! The more options available to people to sustain themselves, the better off the world will be!

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I'm looking forward to seeing more information about this--I would like to keep a hive but the disease concerns have been stopping me.

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What disease concerns?

this is my first time looking at the bee sight

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With good management practices most colonies survive just fine for the hobbiest. Probably the biggest concerns are mite management and having good feed stores going into the fall.

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islandmanmitch(z 8/9 FL)

I hope he is not talking about top bar hives.

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