Please help me with my Bamboo!!

mikeenrightDecember 20, 2012

My wife and i bought our first home a little over two years ago in seattle. We had a long row of bamboo that went along the fence between our neighbors house and ours. the bamboo was too overgrown so i cut it back and down to the height of the fence. It has never grown up any taller and i would love to have that bamboo grow back to its original height so i do not have to look into my neighbors window.

How do i make my bamboo grow higher? Is it possible?

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Once a bamboo culm(stalk) is cut, it will never grow taller, it will remain at that height though some of the limbs may grow a bit higher.

Next years culms will grow as tall as the ones you cut last year before they were cut back, maybe even taller depending on a few factors, so you need not worry, just might have to wait until next shooting season.


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should i remove the culms that are thickly short so that the new shoots have room to grow high?

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No, I wouldn't, at least not until the new shoots are grown and leaved out, otherwise you will be taking away the growth that helps produce food for the new culms/roots/rhizomes.


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is there a fertilizer that i could put on the bamboo to help it grow faster this spring? or is sun and rain the only hope?

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

A cup of standard grass fertilizer may help a little in the spring, but it will not give you hugely different growth than what will occur naturally. Either give it some fertilizer next year and then let it do what it is going to do, or just let it do what it is going to do. At this point, there is little more you can accomplish by fiddling further with least of a positive nature.

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