can you use a enamel bath tub for carnivorous plants

woodiesJanuary 7, 2011

I have a old bath tub to use for a bog garden. Can someone also tell me what medea to use. I live in Warwick QLD

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Of course. The only hassle is the depth of the tub.
What I would do is to get some compressed bales of sphagnum moss or peat moss. Sit them in the tub, put in a stopper, and fill with rain water to let the bales soak for a few days until they are soaking wet.Pull the bales out of the tub and let drain off.
Then find a stopper that is a little smaller to fit in the drain hole so that the water will slowly leak out of the tub, provided you have the tub sitting on top of the ground. If you plan to bury the tub to its brim then lay in a foot or so of gravel before placing the tub into the hole.
Once the smaller stopper is placed into the drain hole, take the bales of sphagnum and/or peat moss and pack them into the tub. I use my foot to pack down the moss.
You should have enough packed in to fill up to about a foot from the top of the tub.
Then have some more peat moss that has been soaked and drained handy to mix with river sand in equal portions. Pack this mix into the top 8 inches of the tub. The top of the substrate level should be about 3 inches below the top of the tub. Fill with rain water and then let the water level drop below the surface of the substrate before planting your bog plants.
You can poke along the side of the tub down into the substrate to see where the top of the water level is. Once it hits the packed in bales refill water to the top of the substrate.

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Thank you so much for your hints. I have just got back into carnivorous plants after about 15 years and loving it.I have never done a bog garden before. So thank you for your help. Russell

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Congratulations! On rediscovering the carnivorous plants.
One thing I failed to note is to keep grasses and sedges out of the bog. They may look nice at first but they will overwhelm other plants and if you have living sphagnum growing the grasses will shade the moss too much. I really love bogs having been able to visit and walk around in one. It is a unique habitat while waterlogged water is constantly moving through it. Here is an image of the one that I had years ago.

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Thank you. It is good to be back into carnos again. After seeing your bog in a bowl and looking on the internet at bogs in smaller bowls i have decided to do all may plants into bowls. If i do that i can spreed them throught our garden. I have just left the nursery industry after 21 years. Loved every minute of it but i needed a change. The new job has given me more time and money. Thank you again for your great ideas Terrestrial man Woodies

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Hi Woodies,
Hope you all are not threatened by the flooding down there.
21 years in the nursery industry must have been quite an experience. I had 3 years but did not really see that much of a future in it. Loved growing the plants and meeting the people.

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Thank you for your concern about the floods.Our town did have a lot of damage but our home is out of the flood zone thank god. I have planted up two bowls. I have planted up a small bowl and one big bowl. I'am going to put some photo onto the forum soon. Woodies

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I live in an area where bogs are common about 100 miles away. Several years ago I harvested a tiny piece (about 6"x6" of sphagnum from a bog and put it in a water filled container. I used a deep saucer. It gets abundant rain and is often overflowing. the moss had seeds and a few tiny plants in it. It has grown tremendoulsy and now has bog cranberries, a small bog blueberry along with several herbaceous plants. the sedges are becoming a problem. I plant to move it into a larger container-about 2'X3' this summer (plastic baby sled). I have had a native sundew living it it. It wasn't looking good last year but I am hopeful it will come back this year.

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hello, i have a quesstion please i planted some of my pitcher plants in pots without holes in them so that they would stay wet, is this a good idea or do i need to drill a couple of small holes in it to let out the old water? so which is better with or without drain holes?

also please i have several lrg pots of over grown pitchers that have been sitting in kiddie pools for yrs they are badly neglected i would like to re-do them and seperate them , when is the best time to seperate the plants? i know i will have to cut into rizomes and such? thank you ronda

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