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lostlkfarm(6/7NJ)January 7, 2009

We just purchased a home (we are now in Z6) and water stands in part of the backyard from about mid Oct until late spring. and during the early summer if it rains hard enough. I have planted two willow trees, and a few other moist loving plants but during the later summer it gets VERY dry back there and I have to water, (city ! $$) Does anyone have some suggestions as to what to plant that can take a couple of months of drying out?

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Bald or pond Cypress, if you're looking for something in tree form. Most Lobelia species can also take a bit of drying out in the summer.

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I need a tree of aloe Vera for my garden. Which is going to very useful for our skin. Can someone please tell me where can I find the best tree.


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I never knew that aloe grew as a tree. I always have one in my house during the winter and put it out side during the summer (zone 6+) It looks like a big cactus. You can get them at any nursery around here.

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