When to Start a Bog

duscarterJanuary 7, 2009

My Mom wants to start a bog garden because she has an underground spring that keeps that part of the lawn very damp, if not wet. I found info from the local extension on which plants to plant. When should we start this project, and do you have anymore tips?

I will attach pictures of the area, and the list from out extension.

You can see in January the whole lawn is brown, except where the spring is.


This is just standing water.


Plants the extension says we should plant:


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kwoods(Cold z7 Long Is)


Kinda surprised to see stuff like Forsythia. Bridal Wreath, Lilly Of The Valley and Trumpet Creeper on that list.

What do you think you want to do? Native ecosystem would be nice. I would stay away from large trees that are going to soak up all that water and dry out the site entirely (maple). Do you know what "should" be there? I would take the colder months to plan it all out and find your sources for plant amterial. Get delivery after your last frost date and away you go. If you plan on doing trees and shrubs most can be planted anytime the ground is thawed enough. The azaleas on that list sound nice and can be planted now. I always plant the bones, the things that anchor the planting and take the longest to mature and enjoy, first.

Good Luck!

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