Request for Bog garden Photos

fredsbogJanuary 9, 2006

Hey all,

I'm giving a powerpoint presentation on Bog gardening at a local botanical garden and am looking for photos of other's bogs to include. I'm looking for your best pictures of your bog gardens, especially things like the down and dirty step by step pictures, your favorite bog plants, seasonal interests like winter bog pics (Kwoods??), etc.

I'd be most appreciative of any help. I will of course give proper credit i.e. your name and where you garden.

If you can help, let me know either through the forum or send your pictures to me at Thanks your your help!

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kwoods(Cold z7 Long Is)

You're welcome to anything I've got, no credit neccesary unless it helps w/ the format of your presentation. Sounds like a great thing to do and I'd be happy if I can help in any way. Please be warned I am incredibly disorganized and inefficient when it comes to filing/organizing photos and the bog is asleep (under blanket) as of last weekend. Anything usable that I've posted you're welcome to. Anything I can find I'll send to your address (no step by step but I think I have some interesting plant shots). Any preferred file type, size, resolution?

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I'd appreciate whatever you have to share. format and size do not matter, I can make changes if need be.

Credit, I think it would make the presentation more interesting to show what others are doing in other parts of the country (world?). Perhaps, name and City/State.

I will save a couple of your photos of the S. leucophylla in the snow, I think that looks great!

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Heres a link to a video one of my bog gardens in early spring:

There are also some images of individual species, both in the wild and in my garden at:

I have another really nice garden done more as a seep, but my digital camera died so I don't have any pictures of that one yet.


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