Sisso & chitalpa trees is Tucson

bgdaSeptember 21, 2008

I am looking for experiences with sisso & chitalpa trees in Tucson.

Do Sissos typically have invasive roots? Winter of 06-07 was pretty tough and lots of plants wre damaged. I live near Ina & Thornydale area. Your thoughts, please

I saw a failry mature chitalpa at a nursery this week (9/18/08) and many of the leaves had brown patches - like sunburn?. Is that typical for the Chitalpa?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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The frost tolerance of Sissoo is much lower than that of the Chitalpa. Sissoos can be damaged at 26 degrees while Chitalpa is hardy to 0 degrees.

Chitalpa often show symptoms of salt burn with brown edges on their leaves. Deep watering should help push any accumulated salts below the root zone. The addition of soil sulfur will help to reduce pH a bit which should also help. The leaves on mine look best in spring, declining a bit as the summer goes on. Each year its blooming period gets longer and it now flowers through summer and fall.

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Thx, aztreelvr. What about the 'invasive' roots of the Sissoo? I have heard varying stories. Most seem to be concern rather than real issues. Thoughts?

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