What Are You Buying This Season?

joshy46013August 24, 2011

Hi Guys!

I was wondering what everyone was planning to buy this season?

I got my Maguires order and I'm incredibly excited for these as well as some of the new additions I plant to buy this season! 'Spotlight' is really nice and I'm excited to get 'Amputo' that was available last year!

Sadly 'Pink Floyd' is out of production but I'm excited for 'Rio Negro' and 'Rembrandt Van Rijn'!

So Far,

From Maguires,

'Penciled Pepi'

'Party Pooper'

'Maguire's Envy'



This is what I plan to order this season!

'Rio Negro'



'Apricot Parfait'

'Rembrandt Van Rijn'

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

I have my orders in but the list is at home. Josh makes me laugh....you are practicing self control Josh...of course it's early in the season!!

I am glad to see RvR as I can replace my one that rotted a few years back. I tried to replace it 2 years ago and just kept getting Picotee!!


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I'm trying to practice self control with only 10 new purchases BUT I have I feeling it wont stop there :(

Have you guys seen 'Spotlight' on Royal Colors? It's AMAZING!


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I saw Spotlight also and thought it was very pretty..they are selling a Spotlight at White Flower Farms also, but the picture they are showing looks more like Charisma..and also Apricot Parfait @ Royal Colors, is the same as Peach Parfait that White Flower Farms sold last year..I bought one and it is very nice, one scape had 6 flowers on it the other had 5. White Flower Farms seems to change names on some of their bulbs as they see fit..Gervase aka Fantasy...Their bulbs are good quality, but expensive and more often than not, when they introduce a new bulb for the first time, they won't sell it alone..you have to buy a useless plastic pot with it..!!

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I noticed WFF does that, I wonder why? I order from RC instead as their quality is great and they're MUCH cheaper and without those dumb pots!

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Nothing!!!! Nooothing!!! For sure! I promise!!!!

Greetings to all addicted!

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>>>NOOOTHANGGG [(at least)-Quadruple EXclamation Mark]
And I concour...
All the Hippeastrums that I possess, were from accidential perception in garden stores or gardenware departments in warehouses. Either as bare bulbs or as potted specimens, and resulting in "sponanteous purchase". A few were gifts.
And I receive literally tons of seeds from them.
My major coup this season was the successful crosspollination of my best sibling from "Chico" x H.papilio with the second-best sibling from the same origin. Of the respective seedlings I have PLENTY now.

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anna_in_quebec(z4 QC)

I don't have many places to shop up here - so I rely on Royal Colors first and foremost:

Purple Rain
Apricot Parfait

I can't wait! :)

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Edie(5 NY (Finger Lakes))

Definitely going to get Blossom Peacock. My local Agway (hardware store, for those of you who don't have one) had them last year but was sold out by the time I decided to buy some hippi's.

Every bloody one of my current bulbs has streaky leaves. One is a gifted Zombie, the rest are Lowes rescues. I'm trying to decide whether to pitch the lot and start over.


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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)


Most of use who were so excited to find great bulbs at Lowe's, etc last year commented that many of those bulbs ended up with virus. Sometimes a bargain isn't such a bargain. I say...I won't buy any this year. If I do, I am prepared for them to be disposable.


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