is this a Superba cane begonia?

olreaderJanuary 7, 2014

I didn't even know that this plant was a begonia until I saw a post on the Name That Plant forum. Is this a Superba? It has put out stems of pink flowers once or twice, not very dramatic.

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Another pic. I will try to give the plant more light.

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It is definitely a superba type cane begonia. Possibly 'Lana' or 'Sophie Cecile'. Since you said it bloomed I would go with 'Lana' since Sophie rarely blooms.

Looks like this one is a bit gangly and overgrown and is long overdue for a serious haircut or bushwhacking.

Here are a couple of my Sophie's that I trimmed summer of 2012 and how they looked one year later.

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And Lana blooming this past summer (bloomed late though)

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Thanks! The pink flowers were something like yours, not the huge clusters that I have seen in photos of some Superbas. If it flowers again I will post a pic. Now that I know what it is I can take better care of it.

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Lana can bloom indoors as well as outdoors. I used to have big clusters of flowers but recent years I haven't. Don't know if I need more sun or more fertilizer or what.

I don't remember ever seeing my Sophie bloom and I've had it 30 years or more.

Here is an example of Irene Nuss bloom (another superba type) with large clusters of flowers. I've seen better but this is from this year.

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