tomato hornworms.. anybody have any?

amijo(z9Az)September 25, 2012

this may sound like a strange request...

we have a 3 1/2 year old great grandkid who loves

catapillars, earthworms, worms of all kinds and she would

be just thrilled to be the proud owner of some tomato

horn worms

if you live near metro center mall and want your

plants picked clean of these big, fat, green worms.. we

will do it in exchange for the critters...


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I don't have any now, but if I get one, I will surely ask you to come over. They are scary. Makes my hair stand up.

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Me, too.
I hate it when I am picking them off with kitchen tongs and they hold on so tight they tear in half.

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Wish I had noticed your request a few days ago I have been picking them off my eggplants at a rate of about 5 a night. I thought I had them all but found one more earlier this evening. If/when there are more I will shoot you a message.

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