sarracenias not going dormant

Alyss(Z 10 CA Coast)January 14, 2007


Although the night time temps in my area have remained between 38 to 45 degrees, my sarracenia Judith Hindle and cobra lillies have still not gone dormant!!! Just a little browning of the outside pitchers, but new growth in the middle still going strong. The daytime temps have averaged in the 60's.....Is this combo too warm for dormancy?

If so, I have an extra refrigerator I can put them in....If that's a better option, What temperature should I set the refrig at, and how long should I leave them in there?

Thanks for any advice you can provide!

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wfike(8, Atlanta, Ga.)

I can't help but the guys at the link below can answer any quesion that you have! They are the greatest and love to help!

Here is a link that might be useful: Ask Sarracenia Northwest a Question about Carnivorous Plants

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Dormancy for Sarracenia is a relative thing. Many hold their leaves all winter. It isn't something to worry about.

You may also notice your pitcher plants making curved flat leaves instead of pitchers. This is a typical behaivor in the winter.

In fact, many CPs including VFTs will still photosysthesize during the winter on days when it gets warm enough. That's why I also don't recommend cutting your plants back until late winter, and to reserve mulching with pine needles for only the coldest parts of winter.

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