golden goddess and alphonse karr rootball

ruben796December 21, 2009

hello,i need some help with a couple questions please.i have 2 bambusa multiplex golden goddess and 1 alphonse karr which are in the ground about 8 inches from a cement border thats about 7 or 8 inches tall and about 3 inches wide it separates our propety from neighbors with chainlink fence on top of that small cement border its about 30 feet long,my question is will the pressure of the rootball from either goddess or karr break that cement border??and my other question is that i put some cement garden edgers laying the flat way on top of the space between bamboos and that darn lil cement border so that no culms grow there ,will that help make rootball not as strong when it does reach border and will that hurt bamboo by not allowing culms to grow on that side of bamboo? sorry i know its alot to answer but i need the help and knowledge you guys have. thank you i got pictures but i have to figure out how to put on here,i can use help with that also if u would like to see pics.

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

First, you've got clumpers and I think they will expand slowly until they get to the concrete border, and then flatten up against it. I can't guarantee it won't break it, but I doubt it. I did see a very large clump oif Alphonse Karr a couple of years ago that was in a planting strip about 2' wide: on one side was a building with a concrete foundation and on the other side was a sidewalk. The clump was obviously quite old, the planting strip had pretty much filled up, and the root ball had sort of bulged up a little at the edge of the sidewalk...but it didn't go further or damage the concrete. Now I know that a cement border is different from a sidewalk, but I am still of the opinion that you'll be ok.

As for the edgers you laid down, they won't weaken the bamboo, but I don't think they'll do anything to prevent growth. Over time, the bamboo will probably just push up the pavers.

You have a big advantage over those of us who grow runners: you know that you are not going to get culms coming up feet away from the rootball, and whatever the plant does in terms of growth will be slow. If, in some future year, the bamboo looks like it is starting to crack the border, you can just cut out a portion of the root ball and culms on that side of the clump. It will be hard work, but it's not like you'll wake up some day and be surprised about what's happening.

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