If not a bog, what is it?

oldwriter(z8 Central TX)January 3, 2006

In about a five by five kiddie wading pool, I have had a variety of water plants growing, in containers, for a year or more. It has no drainage, has never been "cleaned" out. no drainage. Plants have grown well, and the water doesn't smell stagnant, putrid, or any other synonym. Dragonflies and damselflies love it.

Several things keep it from fitting the definition of a bog, but it must fit into some category? What might that be?

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kwoods(Cold z7 Long Is)

I guess it depends on what you are growing, what kind of media you are using and how saturated it is. Usually I think your set-up would be for marginals or "pond edge" plants, but could be emergents or others. Here is a pretty inclusive list of terms to further disorient and confuse you.

Many times a "wet garden" set up is an attempt to simulate a niche habitat or natural ecosystem. In those cases plants native to those ecosystems would usually be chosen and the set-up would try to mimic natural conditions to suit those plants. You may have just found a good way to grow the plants you enjoy. Does it matter what you call it if both you and the Dragonflies enjoy it? If you are trying to find resources or additional cultural information try researching the individual plant species and the native environment in which they are normally found. If you want info on the whole "system" I would think "watergarden" might suffice.

Good Luck!

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oldwriter(z8 Central TX)


You seem to understand me quite well. Fifteen feet away from these two small "watergardens" I have a 600 gallon pond, complete with fish, fountain, water lilies, and such. I am in fact attempting to simulate a niche habitat in that part of my yard. You are right: I have established a place that I, the Dragonflies, and the Gulf Coast Toads enjoy. "Watergarden" adequately describes it.

Thank you for your suggestions for further research. Thanks also for the link. It is an impressive and helpful site.

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