Best cheap hardy bamboo for ohio

josephfernwaltDecember 16, 2009

What is the best cheap hardy bamboo I don't really have any prefrences on runner and clumper. also does anyone have any for sale or know were any is for sale for cheap.

I live in ohio.

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What are your plans for the bamboo? Single plant? Grow it in a pot? Hedge? Visual screen? Color? Height?


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All of the above and then A grove I live in the country in have a lot of room. I cuurently only am working (or trying to work with) moso. Anyway I don't wouldn't mind black (nigra) buddha belly and blue bamboo. Also I know about all the runner bamboos. If i could get a hold of some nice size moso plants or rhizomes that would be a dream come true. So really i'm looking for anything hardy. Or if your not looking to trade or sell if I could have some advice on what's good for my situation. Any more questions i'll be glad to answer.

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What's "blue bamboo"? The common names for different species are always difficult, as what somebody knows as "blue bamboo" may not be the same as what others know. If you're really zone 7, then from what I've read you may have a chance to get some relatively decent size out of moso, but if you're not warm enough it just won't size up. If you want big culms, there are some other Phyllostachys species that can get pretty large too. Phy. makinoi, or Phy. nigra 'Henon'. Although I'm growing these, they're young divisions so it will be a few years before I know how large they'll get for me (a bit colder than you it seems).

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By blue bamboo I'm refering to TEXTILIS.
Also even though i'm in ohio I checked my zipcode for USDA
hardiness zone and it said I was in zone 6-7 which is a micro zone. It also said I can grow all plants that can grow in zones 6 and 7.

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Phyllostachys aureosulcata 'Spectabilis' growing in N.W. Ohio, I'm about ten mile south of the Michigan state line.


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I'm pretty sure that Textilis, Buddah Belly would both be killed back to the ground before Christmas each year anywhere in Ohio. This annual whacking keeps them very tiny.

I'm in southern Indiana and planted out some Buddah Belly 4 years ago as I was tired of them as huge houseplants and curious how many years they'd come back before finally dying off. They were planted as 25 gallon pots with canes about 15 feet tall. They usually are killed back by the first temp in the teens in November. The 3 springs after planting them they still produced new canes in May but are now about 3 feet tall at best. Curious to see if they come back a 4th time, already killed back again this year.

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