Plant Ideas?

vegangurl20January 25, 2005

Hi There! I have a new flower bed in a place that is very sunny, but stays very wet most of the time. And I am new to bog gardening, so I just wondered if you guys could give me any ideas on plants that require consistantly moist soil? Thanks so much!

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Peter60(Yorkshire UK)

Possibly -
Primulas bulleyana, beesiana, japonica, florindae.
Rheum palmatum
Caltha palustris
Caltha leptosepala
Houttuynia cordata
Mysosotis scorpioides
Lysichiton americanus
Acorus gramineus (image)
Trollius x cultorum
Lobelia cardinalis

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susangarrison(8b FL Panhandle)

These are some of the things I grow in my Zone 8 bog garden:
Japanese, Louisiani, Siberian, Flag and Walking iris
Colocasia illustris (imperial taro)
Black Magic elephant ear
Cut leaf philodendrum
Gingers: hidden, butterfly, kahili, pine cone, shell
Umbrella plant
Pitcher plant
Rain lilies
Variegated sweet flag

I'm sure there's much more you can grow, I've just ran out of room!

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nushie(5a / 5b)

Some others that grow in my wetland/bog on our property

Marsh Merrigolds, Boxwood, Water Iris's,

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vegangirl(z6 VA)

I see we have very similar user names:-) I saw you post and though "Hey, I don't remember posting that. It must have been along time ago!" then I realized it wasn't me:-)

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