Bloomin' Problems!

TropicalNewbieFebruary 11, 2014

Hey all,

I've had a dragon wing begonia for about 6 months, impulse bought at the local nursery. I don't know too much about gardening, just teaching myself online as I go! I've heard amazing things about its many magnificent constant blooms, especially in my climate (Tropical Australia), but while I'm happy with the nice green foliage my blooms are a little on the sparse side. Also, even though it has a semi sunny position (about 3-4hrs direct on & off, plenty for this heat, it's usually outside btw) and its in a hanging basket so drains well, plus I've tried all the usual don't water too much, just enough, etc, plus a dose of seasol now & again, and even though I rotate its hanging position it's growing from 1 side out to the other rather than circular or dome like.
Any suggestions for more flowers & even growth would be greatly appreciated!

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

OK, I'll 'go there.' Is nobody else saying anything because you also think this plant looks great? The blooms are naturally near the tips, and all of the taller tips on your lovely plant look like they have some blooms. Could there be more blooms on yours? IDK, maybe somebody will have an opinion if I break the ice. If all of my Begonias looked like that, I'd be really happy.

Also looks like there are many shorter tips that will grow longer in time. As they get taller/longer, heavier, they can lean. You can stake, or prune/propagate. Being out in the wind usually keeps stems stronger, longer, but when plants have to come inside for winter, that's when more stems go to lean, from what I've seen on my taller plants.

I like how you have it in a hanging basket too, most of mine are the same way.

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It may need more sun and in summer I water mine nearly every day. Here is one of mine when I had it in a hanging basket for example and it got lots of sun in the afternoon.

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They actually do a lot better in the ground - I think I had six in this bed.

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Here is one that was on our hot deck in a coir lined window box.

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Thanks guys, but it seems I've got bigger problems now. I put it back out in its usual spot & it's dying! This pic makes the leaves look lush & green, but they're not, they're going a pale yelllowey colour. How do I get it looking like the ones you guys have? I should note we're in Wet Season now, so that means lots of hot & extremely humid sunny days & monsoon rains. I bring them in when it rains, or at least under shade cloth.

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If your soil drains quickly then it should not be a problem. I suspect your soil may be very heavy, i.e. soggy wet. Is this a coir liner only? Hopefully you have no plastic liner inside holding water in. You can always pull your plants out to dry them out quicker and even put them on dry newspaper to wick away the excess water. If the roots start to rot then your only recourse is to get cuttings and start them over.

The only time I've had problems with begonias with lots of rain including floods is when the drain hole becomes clogged for one reason or another and the begonia is left swimming in a pool of water. A day sitting in water is usually not a problem (provided it is caught and fixed) but several days sitting in water will almost always cause rot.

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It's in that basket without a liner. It would get heaps of air circulation in that spot an I always wait til the top cm or so of soil is dry before watering. It drains so well I put other plants under it when watering with seasol so as not to waste!

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Does it need a shot of fertilizer then? If your soil is not soggy then it sounds like that is not the issue. Maybe it needs more light but slowly acclimate it to more sun (two weeks time like you would do to get a tan).

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