Trade my red for your pink?

pink_petals(z6 PA)August 24, 2010

I have a bulb for a red amaryllis (Red Lion?) that I got from a friend about 3 years ago. It was part of a Smith and Hawken bulb kit. The bulb is about the size of a baseball or a little bigger, and has bloomed nicely for the last 2 years. Trouble is, I never really liked red very much--I always gravitate toward the pink or pink and white ones. I would esp. be interested in Neon Rose, Pink Surprise, Paris, Candy Floss , Estrella, San Remo, or Gervase. Anyone interested in trading?

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Have you tried to pollinate your Red Lion? Do you know if it is a parent bulb or from another parent? I ended up with a red from a red and white as well as pine and white I don't keep track of names etc, I just enjoy them when they bloom and try to harvest the seeds. I would think your Red Lion would be dividing by the time it got that large. Happy hunting.

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pink_petals(z6 PA)

Paul, I haven't advanced to that stage yet. For years I was in love with daylilies, and I saw how long it takes when you start them from seed!! But your idea is a good one if I ever have the time and patience to try it!!

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pink_petals(z6 PA)

I'm so sorry, but I am going to retract this offer. I am quite new to amaryllis so I was reading past posts just to learn more about these plants and to enjoy the pics. On one of the posts someone talked about some red lines or spots on their leaves, and I recalled seeing something like that on 1 of my plants, but didn't really think anything of it. So I started looking up more info about pests and diseases.And when I checked my plants I saw that ALL of them have some red spots!!!Someone suggested Schultz 3in1 product which I have on hand, so I sprayed all of them. But are you supposed to take the bulb out of the pot and spray the whole bulb too?? Anyway I sure don't want to give someone an infected bulb. Sorry!!

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