Plants only or seeding?

sujiwan_gwFebruary 22, 2009

I have what may be a seep in my woods and a stream that has trickling meanders snaking through as well. One area is fairly open to the sky and has tussocky grass growing but is quite squelchy underfoot.

I've been thinking about populating it with some basket willows along the tree edge and seeing what kind of flowers will grow in this environment. It does get seasonal flooding from spring melt.

Is it possible to direct sow seeds for flowering plants or do I need to stick to transplants? What would like this sort of environment, no question (zone 6 MidAtlantic).

ALthough we are talking about bogs/swamps/wetlands--what can handle stream edges? I'd like to try growing primroses and am not sure where I can put them...

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