Salvia Leucantha & Nandina Domestica Dying

bugman-74October 5, 2009

Hi All,

First let me start off by saying I am not much of a gardener... I currently have a few plants that are not looking so great, and I'm not sure what went wrong, or if there's anything I can do. I am located in Tucson.

Everything is on a drip system. It waters on odd numbered days for 2.5 hours. Everything was lightly pruned 2/2009. I lightly fertilized with "arizonas best" in 7/2009.

I have 4 salvia leucantha (mexican bush sage) in a corner that get full sunlight. They looked great when they were planted a year ago, but this year 1-2 started looking dry/dead'ish, and then finally 1 completely died. The second looks bad, and the other 2 are alive and blooming, but much smaller than they used to be. Not sure if its over/under watering, bugs, disease, etc. The first one to die is lighted at night via a low voltage light - not sure if that attracted bugs or not. There are two drip lines running to each salvia. Not sure if they are 1GPH each or more. Links to pictures below:

Salvia when first planted:

Salvia prior to pruning (only removed long stalks):

Salvia last month:

One dead (dug it up today):

Others blooming, but dont look as big and happy:

Any thoughts? It doesnt look like bugs. Did I over-water? Did I stress them out with the fertilizer?

I think I'm going to re-plant. Should I do it now, or is there a better time?


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Almost forgot: I also have 3 nandina domestica (moon bay nandinas) that dont look great.

Nandinas when first planted:

Nandina's 2/2009 (these were never pruned):

Nandina's last month:

The one closes to the water spicket looks OK, the others dropped a lot of leaves, and are still red'ish... Ideas?

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I believe my Red Yucca's (Hesperaloe parviflora) have bloomed. Do I leave the stalks, prune them now, prune them later?


Thanks so much!

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