Pamianthe peruviana seed source?

rredbbeard(SE CT USA/zone 6)August 9, 2013

Maybe this is a near-impossible quest, but I'm trying to locate a source of pamianthe peruviana seeds (or seedlings). Ebay doesn't have any currently--I seem to have just missed those auctions, and there's only one very expensive mature plant available overseas. Telos doesn't currently have any either.

Any direction will be greatly appreciated!


--Rick in CT

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Hi Rick,

I just sent you an email. :-)

To all my other GW buddies: For many reasons, I am way behind on correspondence. I am running to stand stiil. The good news is that I am no longer limited to a slow dial-up connection to the Internet. The bad news is that changing over to the new system is taking a lot of time and effort. Please bear with me. I will be in touch with my new email address as soon as I am able.



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There is an ebay seller gnayr40 in Massachusetts that regularly sells these - although none listed at the present.
Might be worth an email.

Otherwise snap up that one in Scotland. I think it is a bargain. Will save years compared to growing from seed.

Adelaide, Australia

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rredbbeard(SE CT USA/zone 6)

I thought about the one in Scotland and held off, afraid that customs would confiscate it. Also spoke to the seed vendor who is only 100 miles away but he has no plants/seeds available right now. I may yet go for the one in Scotland at this rate.

Thanks for the heads-up!

--RickÃÂ in CT

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