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ckr97October 23, 2007

A few days ago, I impulsively purchased a Mexican Lime Tree. I began doing some research on the tree after it was planted, and am confused as to exactly what kind of fruit it will bear.

The tag states: "This popular lime produces small, green, round fruit with thin skin and juicy, almost seedless fruit."

From my online search, it seems the Mexican Lime is basically another name for the Key Lime. IÂve also read itÂs an improved version with larger fruit. Yet other sites state the fruit is about the size of a tennis ball... ThatÂs awfully large for a lime!

The tree was purchased at Home Depot and was grown at Colorama Wholesale Nursery in California. Does anyone out there have a similar Mexican Lime? Exactly what kind of fruit can I expect to see?

My biggest fear is ending up with those tiny key limes available in local markets. My primary use will be juicing. I canÂt imagine how many of those 3/4" to 1" limes it would take to make a pitcher of limeade. :-(

I have lots of citrus, but this is my first lime. Any input from other lime growers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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There are two types of limes that grow well here in the low desert, the Mexican Lime (Key Lime or West Indian Lime) and the Persian Lime (Bearss Lime or Tahitian Lime).

The Mexican Lime is very frost sensitive, and frost protection is usually a must. It produces small (~1"), seedy fruit with a thin green rind that turns yellow when mature. The fruit is produced nearly year-round and usually drops from the tree when yellow.

The Persian Lime is the most common lime grown here. The fruit is small (~2") and nearly seedless. Most fruit becomes ripe in the winter, although small quantities may be produced year round. Once the fruit turns yellow it doesn't store well. The tree has dark green leaves and is less thorny than the Mexican Lime.

Why not call a local grower? Here is the contact information for Greenfield Citrus Nursery in Mesa.

Here is a link that might be useful: Greenfield Citrus Nursery

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