bad luck with begonias and i love them

andreajoy(z9 sacramentoCA)February 8, 2005

for the past two years, i have started the hanging basket begonias, only to get a little teeny plant that dies in a month or two..

i had them in full they actually need a bit of sun? also, i fertilized regularly...i just don't know what i've done wrong..


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Personally, I grow begonia in more sun. I grow them in filtered sun, or areas which get half day morning sun. I am not sure about your area, but full shade sounds too dark to me. Fertilize lightly, e.g. use 1/2 normal recommended dose on the lable, but fertilize more frequently instead. Also, make sure the soil is well draining, because begonias hate wet feet. If it is well draining, then make sure the pot/basket does not dry out, but is kept consistently moist. A good loose organic container planting mix is recommended.

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

I agree with the suggestions above and would add--there's a standard saying about plants. More plants are 'killed with kindness' than with neglect. Your statement that you have bad luck with them and you love them makes me wonder if you're not being 'too good' to them. Too much water, too much fertilizer--try a little--but just a little!--neglect. Relax and enjoy them! Plants were growing long before we came along to mess with them. (Of course, some were dying too. I'm so much help.)

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stonesriver(6B Tennessee)

Ditto to all the above.

I do have a question: How many plants/tubers are you putting in a basket? If you only put one and the basket is too big that could be the problem.

Also, don't fertilize a dry plant; wet it first. Fertilizing a dry plant can burn the roots. Check your potting mix to see if it already contains fertilizer. If it does, you may be over fertilizing.

Good luck,

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In a 10" basket use one tuber. In a 12" basket use 1-2 tubers, in a 14" basket and larger use 3 tubers.

It is not a problem with only one plant in one large basket, except it may look a bit "empty".

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seaecho1(SW CA)

Yep, let them get pretty dry - almost completely dry between waterings. Also, like was previously mentioned, you could be over fertilizing. I only fertilize once a month, at half strength. A lot of people think that if a little fertilizer is good, more is better! So not true. Too much will quickly kill a plant.


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