Paul Hernandez, Little Brother Montgomery, Lucerna

chloeashaFebruary 1, 2013

Hi guys! I'm thinking about getting Paul Hernandez and Little Brother Montgomery to Spring/Summer/Fall outside in pots on my balcony here. I've seen decent reports about their heat and humidity tolerance, so I was hoping people may be able to say if this is true.

I am also looking to replace my Corallina de Lucerna-- and am having problems finding any sources. PH and LBM are both at Taylor's. I'm thinking to post for a trade if there isn't a decent source.


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PH can get to be a giant. Why are you replacing your Lucerna? LBM is a charmer but can be fussy.

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My Lucerna died several years ago when I was out of town and the caretaker didn't water it. So if I want to get a new Lucerna, I will need to get a replacement.

LBM-- fussy how?

I read about the giantness of PH. That seems fine. I have mostly lower-growing things, so its size will not interfere with anything.


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I see now about your Lucerna. I thought you were scrapping one you had and replacing it with a healthy one.

LBM will drop all its leaves if it dries out - often to the point where it looks like it is going to die but then you water it well and it will respond nicely and ... repeat. I think it is a common trait of the UJR (upright jointed rhizomes). Well worth growing though. Try Connee Boswell if you can find it. Janet Brown is another great UJR. Taconite is a great UJR (at least I think it is in that category) with very large, very dark leaves (almost black). Anyway I think UJRs need more water than other begonias.

PH is a giant so have a very good space for it in winter. I had one in a 18 inch pot and in 3 months it went from a 12 inch plant to nearly 4 feet and a spread over two feet. Very easy to grow outdoors but it was too difficult for me to keep in winter - not enough light for such a giant I suppose. Maybe one day I will try it again.

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hcmcdole-- thank you so much! You've been so helpful and informative.

I have the space to winter the begonia in-- if I had to, I could put it in front of my french doors. I need to bring things in for a bit under 3 months here. So even though my husband hates indoor plants, he could get over it. :)

Good to know about the leaf drop and water issues. I'll keep that in mind. I'm a natural underwaterer, so I am careful to consider these things when i pot and put plants that need more water some place I am forced to see them often.

Yeah, it is a sad, sad tragedy. I'll get a new one though. She and I always did well together. Lucerna bloomed lovely flowers all the time.

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