Any help?

bluespiritartist(5A)March 6, 2009

A neighbor above us installed a pond and every few months it gets worse with the water in the yard. All my plants and trees have died and now figure we have lost 1/4 acre of land now. I would like to try growing cranberries but all seeds never sprouted. Does anyone have cuttings that they woud be willing to share? I do not know if there is anything on my page that would interest trading but any help or even ideas would be greatly appreacated. If i could figure out how to post a picture in here it might be helpful for more ideas on what to grow. Would like to grow fruiting plants and trees. I am afraid the bog will soon be spreading to my cherry trees!

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Another question, is pond water the same as bog water? Can bog plants be planted around pond water? The water that flows from the neighbors, doesnt move from my yard, it's building itself up to the point of having my own pond.

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pjtexgirl(7b DFW)

FRENCH DRAIN. And have a talk with your neighbor about sharing the cost. It's illegal to cause someone else's property to flood. PJ

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