Bog over top of pondless waterfall reservoir

dp1404March 19, 2012


I have a pondless waterfall/stream that has a reservoir at the end where it stores the water for the stream as well as the pump.

I've used the water crates in the hole to take up the space and not have all rocks. The surface area is about 22 sq feet. Currently it's covered with stones and it's boring as it's just stones.

What i would like to do is remove the stones from an area and cover it with this .5" thick cocoa mat and then cover that with soil and plant a bog garden over the top of the reservoir. Not the whole thing just a portion of it. The cocoa mat would keep the soil from moving into the reservoir.

Please comment on this plan

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I think it's a clever idea. And I think it will work. Bog gardens are deceptively simple. Just find a permanently or semi-permanently damp mushy patch of earth, and plant something in it that likes wet soil. From my experience, a lot of plants really LOVE damp soil. The plant roots suck up the moisture and grow like crazy. And it doesn't require you to water it. Just find some plants that are suited to that area, and make sure that soil stays damp, plant them, and that will probably be all you need to do.

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