Edens blooms to have Komoriya bulbs!

macroclemysAugust 6, 2013

Yesterday I emailed Edens blooms to ask what new bulbs they would have this fall. I thought many of you would like to know that they will have a limited quantity of the following

Glass Zaiku
Momo No Sato
Double Ribbon
Piyo Piyo
Shiro Harukaze
Petite Kaguyahime
Devils Smile
Green Lady
Syoka No Kagayaki

Dove indicated that these should be up on their web site soon. Maybe we can look forward to a day when Komoriya bulbs are more readily available in the US.


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Thank you, this is great news!

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I just checked the site, so the bulbs are 30-40 dollars. Orders over 50 ship for free... It will be hard to fall asleep tonight.

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Eden's Blooms has a photo of a pinky/red bloom for Piyo-Piyo, whereas the bloom should really be yellow. Wonder what's up with that?

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I got excited thinking they would have roots and not bald as an egg but looks like they are selling as is. Still nice for americans to buy domestically.

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you're an enabler, you know that don't you

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My order from Eden's arrived today just a few days after I placed it. I ordered Devil's Smile and Shirio Harukaze. Both are nice sized bulbs and DS has a pup on it. All roots were sheared off at the basil plate, but look like they will start to put out roots with no problems. Does anyone know how hardy these Japanese Hippeastrum are? I grow all of mine in the ground here in Houston.
The bulbs make me wish I could order more.

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Hi Maida,

This is a new learning experience for most of us. A few on this forum have purchased these bulbs previously and if I'm not mistaken aren't growing them in the ground but in pots, probably inside or in a greenhouse situation. I do think that some of these bulbs might be a bit on the fussy side (especially the yellows) but that is just conjecture so far on my part.. ask me in a year!

Many of mine arrived very small and of course those I wouldn't plant in the ground but if I lived in zone 9 I wouldn't hesitate to try a few especially if they are of a hearty size. My opinion is to give it a try but this is just my opinion and hopefully others who have had more experience with these bulbs will chime in with their thoughts also..Let us know how you do plant them and I hope you have good luck. this will be very interesting as I don't believe any of us have yet planted them out...

I'm happy that you were pleased with your bulbs and thanks for posting this positive find!


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Piyo-Piyo is now showing as a yellow bloom. They must have corrected the photo. So many beautiful blooms.... so little money in my budget! -Tina

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