how do plants actually grow in wet conditions? Zantedeschia ques

jardinerowaMarch 3, 2013


I have a couple questions. I don't do bog gardening but I do have plants I keep moist-to-wet most of the time.
I know most plants die if they're kept too wet as their roots can't get oxygen in air pockets. I'm wondering how do bog plants get the oxygen if their soil is soaked?
Also off chance does anyone know if Zantedeschia A. "white giant" (with white spots on leaves) is any less tolerant of wet soils than regular Zantedeschia A.? Thanks!


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I would think the plants that like to be planted in boggy conditions would get their oxygen primarily from their leaves.

My concerns about Zantedeschia is they are bulbs and would rot. A pot of them by the bog would do well though or your zone warm enough for the callas to be planted directly into the ground - perhaps just before you get to the boggy area.

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