when to plant hollyhocks?

mingtea(z9 Tucson)October 19, 2005

hi folks,

i was told by several people to plant hollyhocks when i moved here. well, we finally got into a house and i found some black hollyhock seeds i had saved. is now a good time? where should i situate them in the yard? any special care?

thanks for any info,


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I was just wondering the same thing ;)

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Hi MingTea and Gardentrolip

I always loved hollyhocks, maybe because my grandmother use
to grow them in large quantities.
I always planted my seeds in the fall either in the ground or in containers. Since they are biannuals, if you plant them in the fall they start growing and they should bloom next year. I do that every year and I always have hollyhocks.
Sometimes they have pups spouting from the roots and you get more hollyhock even if they are smaller size.
Try them. They will bring you lots of joy.


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mingtea(z9 Tucson)

thanks for the info, rodica. i think i'll put some seeds out this week...do i need any special soil/soil amendment where they'll go, and will they be able to take full sun?


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Hello all,
I planted hollyhocks for the first time last year and absolutely fell in love with them!

I planted mine in two different flower beds - both had amended soil (native soil + compost). I live on an old dairy farm, so the soil is wonderful - some folks who live closer to the mountains have more soil issues, so that may impact you.

Anyway, both groups did great. One was in full sun and the other was morning sun/afternoon shade. They are so cute, extremely low care, and well worth giving them a try!

Have fun,

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They do not require a very rich soil, because if they grow in one they will grow very tall with fewer flowers.
My soil is pretty good since I added compost for years but is not super rich. Tey grow tall with lots of flowers and after the main stalk finishes flowering you get more branching with more flowers (smaller).You can grow them in full sun if you water them profusely but they grow better with afternoon shade.
Some of them have a smaller stature than othes but all of them are beautiful.

Good gardening.


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