Do I have to use it???

Kennith(10b CA)March 24, 2005

Drainage!!! I am going to use a kiddie pool that is 8 inches deep. My bog is going to be soley a carnivorous bog garden and will be above ground. I have been told that I need at least 2 inches of drainge. I was recommended that I use perlite. I know that the drainage portion is to trap excess water and keep roots from rotting but will all the nuetrient from the soil leach away and go to the bottom of the drainage(depriving my plants)? Carnivorous plants really don't have large root systems and do not reach deep into the soil, so thier roots may not not be able to rot at the bottom if i don't use drainage. Still I am not sure if I should skip the drainage part. What do you think?

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slubberdegulion(z7 VA)

I'm a novice, but most carnivorous plants don't need rich soil (so nutrients leaching away aren't a problem). Also, from what I've read, some drainage would be good as it will help leach away salts so that they don't build up in the bog. Of course, too much drainage would be a problem too.

Good luck with it!

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Kennith(10b CA)

Well the peat moss does have some nutrients that aids the plants to grow better. Even with out drainage the salt would still go to the bottom, right? So maybe I dont need drainage.

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slubberdegulion(z7 VA)

I replied via e-mail, hope it was of some help. Good luck!

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