Does anybody here grow strawberries?

agility_mom(z9 AZ)October 15, 2010

I would really like to grow some strawberries but every time I have tried, they die when it turns hot. So, does anyone have any tricks for growing them successfully?

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2 varieties seem to do ok here, Sequoia and Chandler. You have to get them in the ground early and then protect them with shade cloth when it starts getting hot. Mulch heavily and water well. I use pine needles. Still though, it doesn't guarantee you'll get them through our harsh summers.

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Hi agility mom,
I don't have much advice to add but wanted to say that I just planted a couple of strawberry plants for the first time so am also hoping they'll survive. They're in full sun in my back yard. The last few days of near-record heat have one of my strawberries a bit stressed already (a few crisp/crunchy leaves) but I think it will recover once the heat subsides. Strangely, the other strawberry seems nonplussed, in spite of its leaves being much more sprawled out and seemingly exposed. I guess plants, too, can be such individuals!

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mangledmind(AZ 9B)

Summer: sun until just after mid-day and all is well
Now that it's cooling off, full sun is ok ...

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agility_mom(z9 AZ)

I'll give it another try. Maybe either strawberry pots so that I can move them when it heats up or shade cloth for the summer months. Thanks.

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Starting a strawberry patch. How many plants have you planted? To feed a family of 4? Figured I will be dedicating some of my raised garden just for strawberries.

Do you shade cloth or keep exposed to summer sun?


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I grew a bunch of strawberry plants in a dedicated patio bed a few years ago. I had to keep them covered with fruit tree netting to keep the birds and lizards off, and that also seemed to help shade them in the hot part of the day. I planted in early Feb and harvested from March to June, then everything died regardless. I want to do it again, because they were the best strawberries I ever tasted. My DH has promised to build me a greenhouse with materials that the former owner of our place left, but I am sure it wont be ready to go until maybe this fall. So no strawberries this year for me, unless I plant a few pots on the screened porch. Those I can take inside when the heat is really blazing. I live outside Buckeye.

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