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clysta(8)October 18, 2006

Does anyone have a picture of a desert Museum tree?

I asked the landscaper to shade the front of the house and to use plants that would help muffle the sound of the train. He has suggested a Desert Museum for shade and either Texas sage or Green Cloud sage to muffle the sound. I had an Indian Rosewood in mind for shade and sound. I don't think the sages will grow high enough to muffle the train whistle.

What do you all think?

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You might have better luck with tall shrubs which can act as a screen. Suggestions would be Orange Bells, Yellow Bells, Arizona Rosewood, Hop Bush, or even Cape Honeysuckle. Keep in mind that plants don't muffle noise as effectively as a solid barrier like a fence, although they are more attractive.

The Desert Museum is a great tree, but because it doesn't have a dense canopy it may not block as much as the Sissoo (Indian Rosewood) or even a mesquite.

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