mystery plant please help me identify!

chubbypoptartMarch 14, 2012

I haven't posted in a while since everything went dormant for winter (if you can even say Fl. had a winter this year) lol. any way. I had a tun that a lotus was growing super well in But I moved and wasnt ableto take it with me immediately and unfortunately it dried out and died:( but now this new plant is growing there. I dont know how it got there it is a round tub that sits next to my pond. my pond has lillies floating misc. plants, arrow heads and iris's. at irst I thought they were iris's but i have no clue how that would happen since my iris's havent flowered yet. these plants are about 3 feet tall already and look like really thick strong blades of grass. they are spreading underneath the soil and popping out new shoots from rhizomes*? here's some pictures...thanks so much!!

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That was a guess too but how on earth?!?! lol could a bird have carried it in or something?

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Siberian Iris?

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cattails.... all over here in the northwest. probably a bird or a seed with another plant you bought. keep them though they are pretty cool.

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Thanks. I'm holding on to them. I like them ! Obviously God thought I needed to be surprised with some cattails

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mirendajean(Donegal, Ireland)

We're they cat tails?

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i have tons of those they make yellow flowers in spring time after winter they come up every year after they've made the flower i cut um down

they remind me of day-lilies.

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