Begonias Albo-picta and Odorata alba?

chloeashaFebruary 19, 2013

hi all! Can anyone tell me about these? I'm looking at them and mostly trying to decide if I really need both because they are so vastly different, or just one. I mainly like the idea of scent for B. odorata var. alba-- and the look of the other. Online what i checked out so far lists them as being similar heights and widths. Does one bloom more than the other? One better for indoor-outdoor use than the other? I don't have a greenhouse, so it will need to be something that enjoys (read tolerates well) indoor winters. Thanks!

PS-- random aside-- is there a forum here where most begoniacs look for trades or is the exchange here more or less it? I noticed it was kind of dead.

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I have albo picta but not the odorata. It gets treated more like a succulent than a begonia and only goes out in summer. It branches, sends up basal canes and blooms prolifically from spring to fall and in winter when I can fit it under the grow lights.

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Thanks! does it get very big?

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It grows to around 2 feet but then tends to spread and to widen instead of getting much taller. I think it would be a great begonia for you but I'd love to have an odorata too. I get a lot of joy burying my nose in a fragrant bunch of flowers. Anita

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I know! I've seen varying reports on its actual fragrance though, which makes me more hesitant about it.

Thanks for the information about the height and spread of albo-picta. That helps me while I am thinking about what to put where and how it would fit overall in the scheme of begonias :)

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