Begonias in mexico

carlotacaverFebruary 12, 2014

I joined because of my interest in the wild begonias i have seen in the cloud forests of northern oaxaca in mexico. I have seen many different species, and although my knowledge of begonias is in its infancy, want to catalogue the varieties that i have seen. I would like to post some photos and get help from begonia lovers like me. Thank you in advance for your input!

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Please post them. I don't know that I could help identify any but the pictures I am sure will be interesting to see.

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Let me start with the ones I think I know....
B. Sarcophylla?

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One more beauty - B. Nelumbifolia?

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I agree, the second one looks very much like B. nelumbiifolia because of the peltate leaves.

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Can we get a top view of the second picture?

Here s a begonia I got from Tim Anderson as a freebie and I asked him what it was. He paused and then said it was a nelumbiifolia. What is your opinion of this? I cut off the old bigger leaves while it is indoors. It sure is a thirsty thing.

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Here is the nelumbiifolia I am used to.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Hi Carlo, Welcome to Gardenweb! I can't be of help with names for your pics, but look forward to seeing them and thank you for sharing them. The 2nd one so far is amazing! (And yours too, Hcmc, as usual.)

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Hello Carlo and others
This is of particular interest to me

I am a Canadian but winter in Florida past just about 15 ears.
Have learned qite a lot about gardening in the south and am proud of my gardens
Always on the look out for something different.
In shops neigbhourhoods abandoned homes , roadsides
Always on the watch
I do have lots of interesting things doing well
Just love my gardens down here
Things growing that as a Canadian, and proud of it, I would never have thought I would grow.
brings me to the subject Maybe two weeks ago I saw at an abandoned property near the falling down house this gorgeous huge leafed begonia Just as happy as could be..
Well I ventured over to have a closer look and the flowers are even a little fragrant
Plain green leaves on long long stems and the flowers standing way up high on the stalk are white.
Look something like some of the plants you have shown here
I pulled up a piece Was just going to take a leaf or two but then saw that there where these long maybe they would be called rhyzones
So put in the trunk leaves and root all together
Well got home shortly and put the plant into new bagged soil
Have it in shade in a new pot.
The leaves as I expected are just gong to fall off
I am not so worried about that figuring new leaves will come up in time
Keeping it just damp not to wet

Am I right enough, do you think.
Sorry although I have a digital camera and internet and no reason why I do not, I yet do not do the pictures and post.

I would like to keep watch on this article Is for sure of interest to me.

I came down here wanting to Grow Brugmansia mainly And do have some but they do not seem to thrive for me when away half a year
B romeliads, orchids, crinium, jasmines calla lilies gingers, some other things do just fine. Plumneria lots of good stuff.
Just came in from working in the garden all morning and it is hot outside. . I am tired and not correcting all my typing errors

thanks for the posting.

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