Myrtle bushes

richsdOctober 31, 2013

I was on Country Club recently, so I stopped by Treeland and Summer Winds nurseries. I was looking for the larger leafed variety of myrtle bushes (Boetica.)

Both places had them, but they were more expensive than I want to pay (I think $24 for 2 gallon plant.) Are they expensive b/c they are slow growing? I ended up not buying them since I need at least 3.

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Hi Richsd,

I do remember them being expensive. About 8 years ago I planted 10 dwarf myrtle for a hedge around my courtyard. We purchased the 1 gal size at $15 or so. Everyone laughed at me when I planted them because they were so small but within 3 years they were a nice size hedge and now they are over 10' tall and get trimmed twice a year. Once they take hold they are a no brainer and do very well here in Phoenix.

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