Making more plants from last years 'wax begonias'

bettylu_zone6aFebruary 1, 2010

I saved a hanging basket of wax begonias in a very pretty bright watermelon pink color and it has stayed green all winter and appears to be showing new growth now and has a few blooms too!

I would love to make/start more plants from this "mama" plant, but am unsure of the best way to do so. The foliage that I have right now is very short - probably no more than 5" long, so taking a bunch of cuttings would result in VERY short stubs left on the original plant. Should I wait another month or two and see if they grow longer, giving me more stem to work with?

Would it be better to unpot it and see if I can break it apart into smaller plants?




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If the stems are soft I would wait (they would probably rot if too soft), else snap or cut some of the stems off and either water root or start them in a sterile media. Wax begonias often come back from the ground but not always - therefore until you see new growth at the bottom it might be good to keep some stems and leaves.

You can always divide and put the smaller divisions in an appropriate sized pot.

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Thanks for the suggestions, I think I will wait a bit longer to let the plant get more growth on it. I see no reason I can't do both the cuttings, and later divide the plant itself.

I am glad this begonia survived the winter, as I said earlier, I really loved the bright watermelon pink of the blooms!


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