Cloudberries and bogs...

the15thwiseoneApril 2, 2012

I know, several people probably don't know what cloudberry is, I know that the people that do generally at least tried out growing them if they are a gardener. My question is, anyone ever been successful as far as introducing them into their garden?

Other than that, here is my general plan ATM:

a. Attempt from seeds: growing in a Burpee 72 plant self-watering seed starting system. One seed is allready "opening" however it does not look the same as the rest....Lights are getting added tomarrow.

b. If seeds fail go for plants: friend is native to alaska, his family still lives there see if their family would be able to provide me with a female and a male plant.

c. After plants are established, set up a "flood table" as a sudo-bog, Using Peat moss and other organic materials simulate a bog, Pumping water into the bog system every soo many hours to maintain moisture.

d. Using a greenhouse like structure that is specifically developed for cooler environments (AC/Evaporative cooling).

Any tips tricks and otherwise information is appreciated!



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Sounds good Kevin. All I could add is to provide good air movement with chilled water ran into a fogger every so often. You may have to work out a light schedule to suit their natural habitat of long days/long nights.
I would also stay away from letting any water accumulate and rather have water pumped through the system probably using emitters over a cat litter tray or something comparable into which you have drilled out penny sized holes for drainage in the bottom and cover with a fiber mesh screen used in forced air heaters to cover the bottom of the tray and to help retain the substrate. It would be interesting to see just how you would construct the substrate!

Here is a link that might be useful: Wiki on Cloud Berries

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Thank so much on assuring me that it is possible to establish a sudo-bog, as i will call it. And i will be mainly using either ebb and flow or something similar to drip and nft conbined. There is a special material i plan to use for my drains that allows water to freely flow through, but soil and similar to not. After reading several research botes this is what i came to in my hunt: *it likes loos/non-compacted peat-based soils.
*water level should be 20 cm/30 cm from ground surface.
*at that water level it likes 12-4-10 fert mixes.
*cannot tollerate salts or drout.
*riziome cuttings that are 15 cm long survive more than the standard 5 cm.
*male/female plant ratio is ambiguous/unknown.
*males have 1 good viable cultivar imune to one of its major killing deseases, some sort of mildew.
*seed germination techiques range from complex to simple.
*germination times are "long" and also "short".
*temperature range is huge! From almost 0F to 60F.
I have several more to read including norways own "guide to growing cloudberries." i want to read it, any pdf links to that article?

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