Two Summer Surprise Blooms !!!

dondelduxAugust 2, 2012

Hi Everyone,

I have a surprise bloom of Sweet Nymph the best flower I have ever had of Sweet Nymph, two stalks and 4 flowers on the first one at least. Really nice as I've had some derogatory things to say about this flower's disappointing blooms in the past.

Also, I just discovered last week a stalk on Boysenberry Swirl growing in one of my barrels just 2 flowers and one got knocked off in a heavy rain the other day so I brought it in and it opened.

Sweet Nymph is softly fragrant and Boysenberry Swirl is quite fragrant..nice to have blooms in the summer!


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Oooooh! VERY NICE!!!

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Donna, my gratulations!
I also have two surprises, is going to flourish Jewel and another variety with white flowers.
I can not understand why they are in bloom at this time? Well, Jewel is not bloomed in the winter,
but white - it bloomed.

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Thank you Tommy and Oleg,

Neither of my summer surprise blooms had bloomed for me either this past winter! I had many more that did not bloom last winter too so, maybe I'm in for a few more surprises! I hope so...and I hope your Jewel is as beautiful as mine of my favorites!


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Very beautiful��3ks for your pictures!!

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Very beautiful! I like SN, too.

Thanks for sharing.


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Donna, I have a question about the summer flowering. I assume that these plants can not flourish in normal times, that is, in the winter because they bloom in the summer. They do not have time for this form inflorescence. You are such a notice?
I wonder if it depends on the regional climate or more of care?

This question is for everyone.

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From time to time I get summer blooms on a few bulbs, a couple have been repeat summer bloomers and last year I had 5 of which 4 re-bloomed for me during the winter.

My Estrella and Exposure do it regularly and always bloom in the winter too.

I'm just guessing but, from my limited experience with summer blooms I think it's either the bulb as a propensity for this or it's just happenstance. All my bulbs have the same culture so I can't really attribute it to anything in particular.

I will say that the past few years that I didn't force dormancy and let their leaves continue to grow. This worked fine for many of my bulbs but, a good number didn't bloom at all last year so this year I'm going to force dormancy on more than half of my bulbs which are planted either directly in the ground or in whiskey barrels for the summer. These are the ones that I will give a cold dormancy to and see what happens. The others that are still in their pots can keep their leaves if they choose and maybe I'll be able to see a big difference in their blooming this coming winter.

I hope when your Jewel blooms for you this summer that it does rebloom for you next winter..My Jewel is planted in a barrel for the summer but last year it kept it leaves all winter and bloomed anyway with no dormancy..

Sorry I couldn't be more help, but in my case I really don't think it has anything to do with regional climate.
Maybe someone else has some better ideas...


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Thank you for your detailed reply. :)

Do you think that they love whiskey barrels? :))))

Russian folk joke: Sell the oranges (and ship in the) barrels.

(Karamazoff & brothers)

Hard to translate. :(

We both live in similar areas - 6th.
However, I can not contain hippeastrum with evergreen leaves, because the fall and winter we have a little sunshine - very cloudy. And the window sills are not rubber. In the open ground, we can not plant because of the flies.
Continuing with the leaves, I have only Hipp papillio and similar.
The problem is that in order to induce the flowering of the vast majority of garden hybrids and many species need a rest period of 2-3-4 months, as a rule. But they often bloom without it, if the bulb is large. Primordium of the inflorescence is formed after each four leaf, but its further development depends on the conditions.
Cool storage is triggered flowering that is caused by the accumulation of giberellin and other plant hormones.
In the event of the summer flowering is apparently some kind of crash program of development. But what factors or combination of them cause this phenomenon, we do not know yet.
I suppose that it is very important our careful observations, recordings, experiments.

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Hi Everyone,

Just another late summer bloom, this time it's Party Animal. It bloomed several months ago and now again, it must like being planted outside in a whiskey barrel..

The only fresh pollen I have is Sweet Nymph and I never saved any of Boysenberry Swirl's pollen, although there was some so, I will try to self one and mix the pollens together for the second flower. I have never had any sucess with setting seeds with Party Animal either way before so I don't hold out hope for any seeds but it's worth a try...such a beautiful flower.


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I love 'Party Animal'!

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Sweet Nymph is on my favorites list!
Thinks Donna's wonderful pictures!!!


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Since I couldn't find the thread where I talked about my 2 actively grow seedpods on Party Animal I thought I post it here.

The seed pods are aborting. I'm afraid it was the cool night and maybe not enough sun during the day. One pedicel has shriveled and the other is still turgid but the pod itself doesn't look so good.

I picked the scape and have it in water in hopes that maybe I can get a few seeds out of the better looking pod.

Sorry to those of you to whom I promised seeds...maybe I'll have better luck next time.


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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

It happens. Sorry for your loss.

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My first no Name Amaryllis bloomed the 2nd week of August, and then came Lady Jane, whose last bloom I picked today to carry to my Garden Clubs Board Meeting,
My Question, too late or too Early????

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Sweet Nymph looks beautiful. That inspired me to rescue 20 i ordered and had sent to my friend. He had them sitting for months and eventually i went to collect them. They were all rotting and had grown scapes inside (even roots). Took me hours to clean them and still they need more work. But it will be worth it if i can save them. Some even had colonies of gnats inside.. i dunno how they managed to survive for so long.

Where did the boysenberry swirl come from, never seen that one before.

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